Guide to Thrifting in Boulder – Updated December 2021

This is the reboot of my popular onesheet that was shared on Reddit. I made in early 2020, RIGHT before Covid changed all these stores’ hours and donation protocols. Some of them have been able to expand their hours again, and I know this is a popular time of year for purging, so I madeContinue reading “Guide to Thrifting in Boulder – Updated December 2021”

Kick the ‘Clean-Plate Club’

Parental anxieties can damage kids’ relationship with food (The below completed story, assigned to me by Optimum Wellness, is posted here with permission from my editor. It’s been held indefinitely as Covid has affected many magazines’ page counts, but I wanted to get it out there as I really enjoyed this one!) By Sarah ProtzmanContinue reading “Kick the ‘Clean-Plate Club’”

My act of hope in a funky summer: Resisting the urge to purge

I’m into clothes but not fashion, if that makes sense. While I applaud the industry’s acceptance of sustainable fabrics like biodegradable mycelium, fashion is still the world’s second most-polluting business, according to the UN, and produces 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. Yet another reason why I love to dress myself in secondhand duds. IContinue reading “My act of hope in a funky summer: Resisting the urge to purge”

Where to donate your stuff during Covid-19

(updated 8/12/20) A lot of Boulder-area folks have gotten in touch on my Instagram to ask which thrift stores are open when for both donations and shopping. Here’s what I could find out through calling the stores and checking their websites. Always a good idea to call ahead in case something changed, but I hopeContinue reading “Where to donate your stuff during Covid-19”