Having this career means I get to be a student of anything and everything, and I couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

I landed my first-ever freelance gig in 2007 while also working full time at Condé Nast fashion trades DNR (may it rest) and then WWD in New York City. Since 2010, I’ve been exclusively freelance. My byline has appeared in more than a dozen trade/B2B magazines and several consumer magazines. In a world full of niches, I’m proud to be a generalist who can become interested in absolutely anything. I’ve covered food, health, project management, aquatics, parenting, pets, apparel, sustainability, Broadway theater, interior design, the restaurant business and lots more.

Pen in hand, 1992.

I have also been a professional copy editor since 2004. My (now totally metaphorical) red pen has touched down on art books, cookbooks, magazines and newsletters.

I’m always eager for new business relationships. Please feel free to reach out.

sarah@sarahhowlett.com instagram.com/boulderthrifter
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