Young Minds Have Big Ideas for Local Cities

Colorado Parent, February 2020

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What changes would make our cities better? It’s an important question—and Colorado kids are answering.


We all remember that one time—actually, many times—a child in our lives dreamed aloud about how cool it would be to take a zip line to school, navigate a licorice trapeze, or slide down a giant popsicle into a pit of jelly beans. No, a city park can’t really have a slide made from Fruit Roll-Ups, but yes, these wonderments are the essence of why everyone from civic leaders to teachers in Colorado are asking young people to think about what kind of cities they want.

Mara Mintzer, program director of Growing Up Boulder (GUB), a 10-year-old initiative that seeks young people’s input on local issues, says a city that’s friendly to children is friendly to everyone.