Workout and Client Advice from Gunnar Peterson and 10 Other Top Personal Trainers

Club Industry, October 2015

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Trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson said his desk, cluttered with workout and nutrition trade journals, looks like "a Nutty Professor fire hazard." Testing out the latest workout gear and new ideas requires a lot of reading, he said–something his two "trainers," good friends Alfonso Moretti and John Damon, also bring to the table with the trio's six-days-a-week, 5 a.m. workouts.

"You can only operate in a vacuum for so long," Peterson told Club Industry. "Whatever I read, research and try, it's going to be different than what they do. They read things I don't see. And they both bring 100 percent every day."

Peterson is not a trainer who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. He never considers not showing up for his workouts, even with a wife, three dogs, three kids–and a fourth on the way–keeping him busy at home, he said.