Toast of the Town

Beverage Dynamics, January 2016

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Hi time wines

Chuck Hanson remembers the first six-pack he ever sold. It was 1957, and Chuck’s brother, Fritz, and his brother-in-law, Jim McVay, used land they’d inherited from Fritz’s in-laws.

“Fritz’s father-in-law really encouraged him to use the land wisely–to do something with it,” Chuck Hanson recalls. “So we said, ‘It might as well be beer. Everybody knows beer.” They built a tall, a two-sided clock outside the store and named it Hi-Time.

After a customer pulled that first six-pack of Early Times Liquor off the shelf and paid for it, the three went home and celebrated with a $2 bottle of Champagne. “That was the nice stuff,” Chuck says. “And we thought, ‘This is going to be easy.’ ”