Less Alone Podcast Is Here To Help You Deepen Your Friendships

5280 Magazine, October 2019

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Above, from left: Erin Linehan, Amy Moore, and Anna Newell Jones at Thump Coffee on East 13th Avenue. Photo by Matthew DeFeo.

There’s something strange about our 30s: Careers often thrive, the kids always grow, but our friendships? They sometimes dwindle. Ask Denverites Amy Moore, Anna Newell Jones, and Erin Linehan, however, and they’ll say relationships don’t have to disappear. In order to stay connected, the trio has had coffee together every Wednesday at 6 a.m.—the only time all three are free—since 2016. After three years, they realized an audience could benefit from their advice, and with the help of House of Pod, a podcast studio and co-working space in Denver, they released the first episode of Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection in June. It quickly won top honors at the Outlier Podcast Festival in July and has garnered 9,500 downloads as of press time. In advance of an October...