Healthy City Campaigns Offer Opportunities for Health Clubs to Get Involved

Club Industry, June 2017

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Mayors across the country are making the health of their citizens a top priority, according to the National League of Cities' "State of the Cities 2016 Report."

“The cost to business, the healthcare industry, and our communities makes fitness not only a personal and humanitarian issue, but also an economic imperative,” Harlingen, Texas, Mayor Chris Boswell said in his 2016 State of the City address. To that end, his city now has an advisory board that includes a variety of stakeholders from the medical community, to schools to businesses to help improve the health of its citizens. Other mayors are committed to similar efforts, some of which involve healthy city campaigns.

Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that more than 1,000 cities across the world have created healthy city campaigns. WHO's website shares that the first healthy cities programs started in 1986, and each campaign is unique to the city involved. However, WHO defines a healthy city campaign as a way of designing, planning or improving a community to make it easier for people to live healthfully. They can be pointed—think Boston’s FatSmack campaign to...

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