Eating Local: Good for you and Colorado farmers

Colorado Health & Wellness, November 2017

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Asked to hazard a guess, many Coloradans may not know their state boasts a whopping 36,000 farms over a combined 32 million acres. From Olathe corn and Palisade peaches to greens and mushrooms, we’re spoiled—despite the fact our growing season, typically the end of April through the end of September, runs shorter than other agriculturally fortunate states.

Over the past almost-decade, Coloradans have enjoyed a surge in the availability of local food and access to the people who grow it.

“A bunch of [community-supported agriculture] and urban food production really took off in the Denver area around 2009,” says Meg Caley, director of farming operations and education at Sprout City Farms.

This uptick has only been bolstered by the passage of the Food Producing Animals Ordinance in 2011—allowing people to keep things like bees, chickens and dwarf dairy goats—and the Cottage Food Act in 2012, allowing non-licensed food producers to sell their wares....