De-Stress Your Dinner

Optimum Wellness, January 2020

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For many families, meal planning—deciding in advance what you’ll eat each night of the week—is the secret sauce for feeding a brood without a side of stress. But if you’re like most busy parents, perhaps you’ve had a series of false starts on your meal-planning journey and never quite formed the habit, even though you know it can prevent last-minute scrambling, extra trips for one missing ingredient and that dreaded bag of rotting spring mix in the crisper drawer. Laura McCall, a mother of two and culinary nutrition expert at Golden Root Nutrition in Boulder, Colorado, is highly familiar with the reasons many families struggle with meal planning.

But she also knows the freedom that’s found in a little prep work is closer than it feels. “The thing about meal planning is that you’re already doing it on some level,” she says. “At some point, we all decide what we’re going to eat each meal. But for busy families, dinner tends to be the hardest to pull off due to afternoon activities and the fact that dinner-type meals often take longer to prepare.” In her meal-planning classes, McCall offers simple and actionable ways to help families overcome common obstacles. Here are four of her breakthrough solutions.

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