Campbell Helps Bring Attention to Colorado

BizWest, January 2019

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BOULDER — Biotechnology is one of those intimidating-sounding professions most people would not find by happenstance. But, as her friends and colleagues will tell you, most people are not Alene Campbell.

The 60-something Boulderite has been in top jobs at several biotech and health-care firms in her career, and in February became CEO of Boulder-based Prima-Temp, a pioneer in continuous temperature monitoring soon to launch a fertility monitor that pairs to a smartphone app.

For Campbell, taking the job had a highly personal tie-in: Another promising application of this technology lies in identifying warning signs for infectious disease. “I see a huge need in that area from my own experience,” Campbell said. “I was getting close to retirement, but I said, ‘Wait a minute: one more thing.’ ”

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